How to Reach 333 M Club Massage Chiang Mai, Thailand

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach 333 m club massage chiang mai, thailand.

Let’s start the journey…

By Car/Taxi:

  1. If you’re driving or taking a taxi, open your preferred navigation app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter the address “333 M Club Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand” as your destination.
  3. Follow the suggested route provided by the navigation app, which may involve major roads like Huay Kaew Road or Nimmanhaemin Road.
  4. Look for signage directing you towards the massage parlor. Once you reach the vicinity, follow signs or directions to 333 M Club Massage.

By Tuk-Tuk:

  1. Hail a tuk-tuk, a popular mode of transportation in Thailand.
  2. Inform the driver that you want to go to “333 M Club Massage” in Chiang Mai.
  3. Negotiate the fare with the driver before starting your journey.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the ride, as the driver takes you to your destination.
  5. Upon arrival, pay the agreed fare and disembark from the tuk-tuk.

By Public Transit:

  1. Chiang Mai has limited public transit options, but you can take a songthaew (red truck) or a local bus if available.
  2. Board a songthaew or bus heading towards the Nimmanhaemin area.
  3. Inform the driver or conductor that you want to get off near “333 M Club Massage.”
  4. Pay the fare and keep an eye out for landmarks to help you identify the massage parlor’s location.
  5. Disembark at the nearest stop and walk to 333 M Club Massage.

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