How to Reach 36 Hairpin Bends Zig Zag Road OOTY

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach 36 hairpin bends zig zag road ooty.

Let’s get started…

By Train:

  1. If you’re arriving by train, the nearest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam Railway Station.
  2. From Mettupalayam, you can take a toy train ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway up to Ooty Railway Station.
  3. Upon reaching Ooty Railway Station, you’ll find various transportation options to get to the 36 Hairpin Bends Zig Zag Road.


  1. Ooty is well-connected by road, and there are frequent bus services from nearby towns and cities.
  2. You can board a bus heading to Ooty Bus Stand from various locations such as Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Mysore.
  3. Once you reach Ooty Bus Stand, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to the 36 Hairpin Bends Zig Zag Road.


  1. Taxis and cabs are readily available in Ooty. You can hire one from Ooty town or from designated taxi stands.
  2. Inform the driver that you want to go to the 36 Hairpin Bends Zig Zag Road.
  3. The driver will take you on a scenic route through the winding roads up to the destination.


  1. Auto-rickshaws are a common mode of transportation within Ooty.
  2. You can hire an auto-rickshaw from Ooty town or nearby areas.
  3. Negotiate the fare with the driver and let them know you want to go to the 36 Hairpin Bends Zig Zag Road.
  4. The auto-rickshaw will take you as far as the road is accessible, and then you may need to walk or hire another vehicle for the remaining distance.

Private Car/Bike:

  1. If you have your own vehicle or have rented one, you can drive to the 36 Hairpin Bends Zig Zag Road.
  2. Follow directions towards the road from Ooty town.
  3. Drive carefully along the winding roads, and enjoy the picturesque views along the way.

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