How to Reach 38 Barracks Restaurant CP New Delhi

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach 38 barracks restaurant cp new delhi.

Let’s start the journey…

By Metro:

  • Start at your nearest metro station.
  • Board the metro going towards Rajiv Chowk Metro Station (Yellow Line).
  • Alight at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.
  • Exit from Gate No. 7 or 8.
  • Walk towards Connaught Place (CP) Inner Circle.
  • 38 Barracks is located in the Inner Circle, near Odeon Cinema.

By Bus:

  • Check the nearest bus stop to your location.
  • Look for buses heading towards Connaught Place or Rajiv Chowk.
  • Alight at Connaught Place bus stop.
  • 38 Barracks is situated in the Inner Circle, close to Odeon Cinema.

By Auto-Rickshaw or Taxi:

  • Hail an auto-rickshaw or taxi from your location.
  • Ask the driver to take you to Connaught Place (CP) Inner Circle, near Odeon Cinema.
  • 38 Barracks is located within the Inner Circle.

By Private Vehicle:

  • Set your GPS or map application to Connaught Place, New Delhi.
  • Drive towards the Inner Circle.
  • Look for parking spaces available in the vicinity.
  • 38 Barracks is situated near Odeon Cinema in the Inner Circle.

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