How to Reach Country Park Phase 3 Housing Complex Mumbai

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach country park phase 3 housing complex mumbai.

Let’s begin…

By Train:

  1. Start at Borivli Railway Station: This is the nearest railway station to Country Park Phase 3, located approximately 1.78 kilometers away.
  2. Exit the Station: Head towards the east exit of Borivli station.
  3. Walk or Take an Auto-Rickshaw: You can either walk or take an auto-rickshaw to reach Country Park Phase 3. It’s a short distance from the station.
  4. Arrive at Country Park Phase 3: Once you reach the complex, you’ll find the housing complex with amenities like 24-hour water supply, backup electricity, and CCTV cameras.

By Bus:

  1. Board a Bus: From Borivli station, you can board a bus that goes towards the Country Park area.
  2. Alight at the Nearest Bus Stop: Get off at the bus stop closest to Country Park Phase 3.
  3. Walk to the Complex: Walk to the housing complex from the bus stop.

By Car or Taxi:

  1. Start from Any Location: If you’re coming from another part of Mumbai, use Google Maps to navigate to Country Park Phase 3.
  2. Enter the Complex: Once you arrive, follow the signs to enter the housing complex.

By Auto-Rickshaw or Ola/Uber:

  1. Book an Auto-Rickshaw or Ride-Share Service: Use an auto-rickshaw or book an Ola/Uber ride to directly reach Country Park Phase 3.
  2. Provide the Address: Share the address of the complex with the driver.

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