How to Reach Gate No 3 Wankhede Stadium Mumbai

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach gate no 3 wankhede stadium mumbai.

Let’s dive in…

By Train:

  1. Start: If you’re coming from Central Delhi, head to the nearest railway station.
  2. Board: Take a local train (Western Line) heading towards Churchgate.
  3. Alight: Get off at the Churchgate station.
  4. Walk: Exit the station and walk towards the stadium. Wankhede Stadium is approximately 1.5 kilometers (0.93 miles) from Churchgate station.
  5. Arrive: You’ll reach Wankhede Stadium at Gate No. 3.

By Bus:

  1. Start: If you prefer buses, find a bus stop near your location.
  2. Board: Look for buses that go to Churchgate or Marine Drive.
  3. Alight: Get off at the Churchgate bus stop.
  4. Walk: Walk towards Wankhede Stadium (approximately 1.5 kilometers).
  5. Arrive: You’ll reach Wankhede Stadium at Gate No. 3.

By Taxi or Auto Rickshaw:

  1. Start: Hire a taxi or an auto rickshaw from your location.
  2. Destination: Ask the driver to take you to Wankhede Stadium, Gate No. 3.
  3. Arrive: You’ll reach your destination directly.

By Personal Vehicle:

  1. Start: If you’re driving, set your GPS to Wankhede Stadium.
  2. Route: Follow the route to D Road, Churchgate, Mumbai.
  3. Parking: There is limited parking available near the stadium.
  4. Arrive: Park your vehicle and walk to Gate No. 3.

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