How to Reach Green City 3 Apartment Building Maharashtra

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach green city 3 apartment building maharashtra.

Let’s dive in…

By Car or Taxi:

  1. Start from your current location.
  2. Head towards Wardha Road in Nagpur.
  3. Look for Sahara City on Wardha Road, near Jamtha.
  4. Green City 3 is part of this residential project.

By Public Bus:

  1. Find a bus that goes to Jamtha or Wardha Road.
  2. Get off at the nearest bus stop to Sahara City.
  3. Walk to Green City 3 within the residential complex.

By Train:

  1. If you’re arriving by train, get off at Nagpur Railway Station.
  2. Take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to Wardha Road.
  3. Follow the directions mentioned above.

By Metro:

  1. Nagpur currently does not have a metro system.
  2. However, you can use other modes of transportation as mentioned above.

By Walking or Cycling:

  1. If you’re nearby, consider walking or cycling.
  2. Use a map app to navigate to Sahara City, Wardha Road.
  3. Green City 3 is within the residential complex.

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