How to Reach Healthkart Supplement Store at Sector 35C Chandigarh

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach healthkart supplement store at sector 35c chandigarh.

Let’s start the journey…

By Car:

  1. Start from your current location and head towards Sector 35C in Chandigarh.
  2. If you’re coming from outside Chandigarh, you can take NH5 or NH152 to enter the city.
  3. Once you reach Sector 35C, navigate towards the store location using GPS or by asking locals for directions. HealthKart should be easy to locate once you’re in the vicinity.

By Bus:

  1. Chandigarh has a well-connected bus network operated by Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU).
  2. Check the bus routes that pass through Sector 35C or nearby sectors.
  3. Board a bus heading towards Sector 35C and get off at the nearest bus stop.
  4. From there, ask locals for directions to HealthKart supplement store.

By Auto-Rickshaw or Taxi:

  1. You can hire an auto-rickshaw or taxi from anywhere in Chandigarh to reach Sector 35C.
  2. Provide the driver with the exact address of HealthKart in Sector 35C.
  3. They should be familiar with the area and drop you off near the store.

By Bicycle or Scooter:

  1. If you prefer cycling or riding a scooter, navigate through the streets of Chandigarh towards Sector 35C.
  2. Chandigarh is known for its well-planned roads and cycling tracks, making it convenient to travel by bike.
  3. Lock your bicycle or scooter securely once you reach the store.

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