How to Reach Lilac Hotel Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach lilac hotel jayanagar 3rd block, bangalore.

Let’s dive in…

By Air:

  1. If you’re arriving by air, you’ll land at Kempegowda International Airport (IATA: BLR), Bangalore’s main airport.
  2. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a pre-booked car to Jayanagar 3rd Block.
  3. The journey by road takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.
  4. Once you reach Jayanagar 3rd Block, navigate to Lilac Hotel using GPS or ask locals for directions.

By Train:

  1. Bangalore has several railway stations, but the closest major one to Jayanagar is Bangalore City Railway Station (Station Code: SBC).
  2. From Bangalore City Railway Station, you can hire a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or use ride-sharing services like Ola or Uber to reach Jayanagar 3rd Block.
  3. Once you’re in Jayanagar, find your way to Lilac Hotel using GPS or asking locals for directions.

By Bus:

  1. Bangalore has an extensive bus network operated by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation).
  2. You can check the bus routes and schedules to Jayanagar 3rd Block and board a bus accordingly.
  3. Upon reaching Jayanagar 3rd Block bus stop, you can walk or take a short ride to Lilac Hotel.

By Car:

  1. If you’re driving to Jayanagar, you can use GPS navigation to reach the area.
  2. Jayanagar is well-connected by roads, and you can use major routes like Kanakapura Road, Bannerghatta Road, or Mysore Road, depending on your starting point.
  3. Once you reach Jayanagar 3rd Block, navigate to Lilac Hotel using GPS or local directions.

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