How to Reach OYO 46384 Hotel VIP Regency Assam

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach oyo 46384 hotel vip regency assam.

Let’s start the journey…

Private Vehicle:

  • Start by entering the hotel’s address into your GPS or mapping app. The address for OYO 46384 Hotel VIP Regency in Assam may vary depending on its exact location.
  • Drive towards Assam using major highways or roads, depending on your starting location and the specific location of the hotel.
  • Once you reach Assam, navigate towards the city or town where the hotel is located.
  • Use your GPS to guide you to the hotel’s address within Assam.

Public Bus:

  • Head to the nearest bus stop or terminal in your city or town.
  • Look for buses heading towards Assam or the specific city where the hotel is located.
  • Alight at a bus stop in Assam, preferably in the city or town where the hotel is situated.
  • From there, you may need to take a local bus, taxi, or auto-rickshaw to reach OYO 46384 Hotel VIP Regency, depending on its distance from the bus stop.


  • Identify the nearest railway station to Assam.
  • Book a train ticket to that station from your starting location.
  • After arriving at the railway station in Assam, you can opt for other modes of transportation like taxi, auto-rickshaw, or local bus to reach OYO 46384 Hotel VIP Regency.
  • Follow signs or ask locals for directions to the hotel’s location.

Taxi or Auto-Rickshaw:

  • Hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw from your current location to Assam.
  • Provide the driver with the specific location or area where OYO 46384 Hotel VIP Regency is situated.
  • Upon reaching Assam, ask the driver to drop you off at the hotel.

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