How to Reach R Block GK1 New Delhi

In this article, you will know all the transport modes to reach r block gk1 new delhi.

Let’s dive in…

Nearest Metro Station:

  1. Exit India Gate and head towards Central Secretariat Metro Station, which is the nearest metro station.
  2. Walk straight for about 10-15 minutes until you reach the entrance of Central Secretariat Metro Station.

Metro Ride to Kailash Colony Metro Station:

  1. Purchase a metro token or use a metro card to enter the station.
  2. Take the Violet Line towards Escorts Mujesar.
  3. Get off at Kailash Colony Metro Station. This should take around 15 minutes.

Auto Rickshaw/Taxi:

  1. Exit Kailash Colony Metro Station and head towards the auto-rickshaw or taxi stand.
  2. Hire an auto-rickshaw or taxi and instruct the driver to take you to R Block in Greater Kailash Part 1.
  3. Confirm the fare before starting the journey.
  4. The ride should take around 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.

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